Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement shows how we aim to apply our understanding of the Bible to where we are in Northampton.

Preaching Christ
The primary activity of the Church is to proclaim Jesus Christ as he is revealed in the Bible (1 Corinthians 2:2). This means that truly biblical preaching will have the person, work and praise of Jesus as its principle aim and focus. At Reynard way church we prioritise preaching as the primary way which God has ordained to evangelise and sanctify.
Tending the Flock
Often referred to as pastoral care, we seek to care for those in fellowship with us by applying the teachings of the scriptures to everyday life. It is the responsibility of every member to point each other to the scriptures for comfort, teaching and correction. In addition to this we aim, where possible, to care practically for those in the fellowship of the Church.
Reaching Out
Christians are instructed to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who will listen. Every member is encouraged to be involved with actively sharing their faith with others. In addition to this, the Church employs an evangelist and will arrange evangelistic events and activities. We organise town centre open air preaching every Friday at 12:00 on Abington Street.
Training for Service
As a Church we aim to identify and train those with gifts in Christian ministry. We see every member of the Church as having a role to play in its mission and that God gives gifts for his service. Essential for the health of the church is the development of these gifts through training. We have run a variety of training courses for our members and encourage personal mentoring and discipleship among our members.
Loving our Town
As part of our calling to do good to all people we aim to show Christian care and love for our town.